Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Why we give.

Discerning the teachings of Torah starts with correct education from  a properly trained teacher.  Proverbs chapter three encourages us to remember Torah and as we read through this set of verses we begin to  realize all the blessings that are received through it.  Speaking about about wisdom, verse eighteen says: It is a tree of life to those who grasp it. The deeper Hebrew is talking about Torah! It is the the understanding we receive from Torah that gives us wisdom. We give to support those who properly teach Torah in order to gain wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  Proverbs goes on to encourage us to safeguard the eternal Torah and its wise design for it will be life for your soul.  If your are grateful for what you have learned from Chaplain Crosby's teachings, please let us know by donating. Your donation helps us continue to teach  and spread the light of truth from G-ds eternal word.

Ways To Give

Give Online

  If you are thankful for what you have learned from one of Chaplain Ruthann's teachings, you can support Chessed Alaska at any time by giving online. If you wish to go beyond and give tzedakah to a specific cause, please specify where you wish your funds go.  Examples would be the orphanage in Panama, one of the Jewish Centers, or any of the other organizations we are involved with.  You can also set up automatic payments to Chessed Alaska. Please consider becoming a regular giver to our causes.   

Give In Person

If you are local to Alaska and attend a class you can always submit your payment in person.  Sadly, due to the COVID pandemic our office is currently closed to the public for safety reason and being compliant to CDC protocol.  

Mail A Check

You can always mail a check to our office at Chessed Alaska P.O Box 971 Palmer, Alaska  99645

All donations are greatly appreciated. 

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