Psalms 91:3

 "Indeed He will deliver you from the baited trap and deadly pestilence."

A baited trap or snare, (mokesh) is the mechanism which keeps the door open. When the animal or person fall into it, they become locked in, unable to free themselves.

Ecclesiastes 9:12 "For man, too does not know his time."

Both text refer to, when a man is trapped in an evil time. The answer? Man must trust in God. Indeed, God will deliver you.  Interesting, the word here for deadly pestilence, plague, is Havvot meaning tragedy or breakdown. We have two types of trouble listed here. A baited trap is the symbol for trouble that is static, whereas, deadly pestilence, is trouble that moves from place to place in life. The first symbol is man made trouble. The second is an act or what God has allowed.

The answer is found in verse one.   Verse four will explain how God will cover you. What the Hebrew will tell you, "I say to the Lord.. that He is my God in whom I trust," are both indirect and direct speech. To show trust in someone, to love  someone, you must speak about them in love and speak directly to them. Some  of the best examples is how the Bible states, David, Joseph, and Abraham, always moved their lips when they talked to God. David was always having a conversation with the Lord. Daniel survived the entire exile and was known for being a man of prayer.

In order to trust God, we need to know and understand God. Exodus (Shomos) 34, says that God tells Moses,  He is, mercy, mercy, power, favor, grace, slow to anger, kindness, keeper of kindness and truth for a thousand years. Forgiver of sins.

More than anything, God just desires to walk along side of us.

Keep God and prayer on your lips. Speak to Him, speak about Him. It's amazing how you begin to feel the trust in God,  which gives you a calm peace.

Have a great day. Have a great conversation with God. Do a good deed today. Be kind and know, no matter what trap or pestilence may have befallen you, God cares and will hear and cover you.  

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