Psalms 91:5

"You will not be afraid of the terror by night, of the arrows that flies by day."

This verse links to verse four. It's a reference to thieves or those who might try to harm you at night. All of which, no one desires to have happen. Yet, the deeper Hebrew uses the word, pahad layla, terror by night. This word actually means, demons, that roam at night. This is a reference to anything connect beyond the natural at night.

The second part is connect with, "of the arrows that fly by day". This is a reference to the angel of death. Death can be described in many forms, including hateful speech, gossip, or slander. Anything, that would harm another soul.

The first part of Psalms 91 confronts the issue of those that walk in darkness. They are stirred up to come against us. Prayer at night is so important. King David, we are told would rise up at midnight to pray. It states, when he would hear the Northern winds,  he would call on God. This is a huge subject. One must always pray before sleep with a attitude of gratefulness and praise to God.

It is interesting to note that the Psalms mentions all the troubles and plagues. We know they are in everyday life. Do not focus on them, instead FOCUS ON GOD. In the first part of Psalms 91, we are given four names of God, Elyon: the Most High, Shaddai: everything we need and more, HaShem: the name connected with Mercy, Elohim: Power, Justice and Judge.
Know this,  that with God we are privilege to know His name. We are privileged and protected by God.

Psalms 50:15 says: "Call on Me in the day of trouble. I will deliver him and he will honor Me".
Psalms 20:1: "... may the Lord answer you on the day of trouble."

No matter what you're facing, sickness, financial, job loss, depression, anything,  God will and can protect you and do the battle for you. Just call on Him.

Remember Psalms 91:9 is going to state: "You have made the Most High God your Habitation." Your home!!!

I know this text can be hard for some to understand. It really comes to the statement, God is on watch while we rest and sleep and all of our day. He's our constant protector.

I can remember as a child, my grandmother, Thara,  sometimes would remark on how tired she felt. She would say, " I prayed all night." Sometimes she would stay up praying the entire night. Now that I'm a mom and grandmother, I get it. I'll waking up at two or three o'clock and call out to God for all my children, their spouses, my grandchildren and friends. I always thank God, I can feel and know He has the battle.  My God is on watch. No matter what it is, HaShem, Mercy, has it. His mercy and kindness is forever. He knows, what I can not even begin to understand.

Today, may you be so blessed. Tonight, may you lie down, knowing that you are watched over and protected by God.

Blessing!! Have a wonderful day.  

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