Psalms 91:7

"A thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, it will not come near you."

This literally means,  that even if your enemies surrounds you, they will be unable to harm you. The word, yippol, will fall, is in the singular. So is the word, elef, a thousand. Yippol refers back to the enemies, fear, arrow, pestilence and destruction. The word, yiggash, comes near, means, will be slain.

Basically, all the enemy tries to sling at you, (hatred, words that are hateful, depression, loss of work, sickness,) or brings against you, will be taken down by the Lord. How? Why? We make El Elyon, (The Most High), and HaShem, (Mercy) our hiding place. He is where we place our trust.

Deuteronomy 32:30 ask the question: "How can one man chase a thousand and put ten thousand to flight?" How? Daniel 7:10 gives the answer: "... a thousand thousands serve Him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him..." This is the answer: Tzvos HaShem, the Lord of the Heavenly Host; the Army of HaShem. When you take time to talk with God, make Him your friend, you're confidant, He battles you're enemies.

For the Lord, is Lord of Host, Tzvos HaShem. He will bring all of His Host to aid you.
Look up and know the Lord of Host stands ready and willing to aid you in all you're battles. Give them to Him.

Have a great day! Be blessed today!!  

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